What Crab is that?

M1 Dorsal_opt Surprisingly perhaps, no-one has ever collected and identified crabs in Zambia before.  So unsurprisingly, no guide to their identification or occurrence exists. But thanks to a recent crayfish survey by the Trust the identity of the common crab in the river in Kafue National Park, so often the prey of Giant kingfishers, is now known.

Crabs were caught as bycatch in traps set for crayfish between Lake Itezhi-tezhi and the Mushingashi Conservancy; photographed by volunteer Eurig Jones, and released. The photographs were then sent to expert Neil Cumberlidge at North Michigan University in the USA for identification.

The crab was identified as the Single-spined River Crab Potamonautes spinosus previously known only from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. If you encounter crabs in the river basin, please send us photographs from above, below and front and we will try and have them identified.


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